Video Tutorials


These are our current videos.  More will be added so please check this page regularly

Money Class Introduction

This is the intro for explains what you will learn and find on the site.

Budgeting Your Money

You will learn how to manage your money and use financial worksheets to find out where your money is going and work around your budget. You will find the worksheets in this site under the Financial Tools section.

Young Adult Money on Compound Interest

This video is about investing early if you’re a young adult and start gaining that compound interest. Over your working career you can accumulate a lot of money if you start at a young age.

5 Simple Money Principles

This video is about home ownership, investing into the stock market, starting your own business, keeping a good credit score and being frugal.

Goal Setting

Picking a Stock

“It's not how much you make it's what you do with it that counts.”